Friday, October 5, 2007

daily data

Ivan n Gladys

Thank you for lovely note.

Vespa is a good idea but some parts of the trail even mtn bikes have alternative routes

As an interesting lightweight alternative we are everyday with spanish woman who has her things moved each day by some service so she is walking with only a raincoat

Oh...there had been a little walking in the rain each day so far
Yes, feet and muscles are holding blister susan...three gary...we are steady at 22km last two days but need to get up to 26km daily average to do this in 30 days

Hans...pictured earlier..has been our unexpected guide frm Munich. lots of swiss and australians on the road only one asian, none of color.

Daily grind is awaked at 6.30, walking by 8 lunch (10 euro) in some village square about noon, refugio (7 euro each) about 2.30, then immediate shower, wash any clothing, then wander the town until 7 when there is a bar or resturant offering a "menu peregrino" for about 7 to 9 euro which includes three courses with wine and water -- so the daily cost with lunch of less than 50 euro for the two of us.

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Subject: (no subject)Much Appreciation

Dear Gary and Susan,

I'm enjoying the the blog site tremendously. I'm back in my office at LaSierra with 28 students in the class and 60 spread into two labs. The fellow I'm covering for is making steady but slow recovery. I am still filled with envy and wish I had what it takes to be with you both. I've given the blog site address to my friend in GJ who with his wife has hiked the "trail" and Mike and Lori of course plus a few others who are following your progress. I come down early before class and check your new additions to the blog and then Glady comes down midmorning to see the newest entries. How are the feet holding up and in your case, Gary, how about the ankle and foot combo from that old injury? If the chem people had not convinced me that they really needed me, I would probably be trailing you on a Vespa or some such unmanly vehicle. Would I be permitted on the same trail if such were true? Many, many thanks for your thoughtfulness in setting up a way for me and others to vicariously experience a taste of your adventure. Glady sends her love and best wishes for minimum discomfort of feet and muscles. The refugio photos look great and of course any about the trail is wonderful. Thank you again and again for your invitation to bewith you and now for the photos that keep me in the loop.

Lovingly, Ivan

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