Thursday, October 11, 2007

morning wood

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Anonymous said...

Hello Susan Have been following u since u started this amazing adventure! Have wanted to say hello-embarrased to admit it----but had to ask Kellie "how to blog". Duh---o.k. All is ok here kellie is doing great---just tripling ur light bill! She is loving here quite and freedom --- u may have to move out! Speaking of quite and freedom---- u and ur pictures look AMAZING!!! I am so proud of u -- I would love the physical part -- no way I;m sleeping on the floor or spring loaded cots. U are an incredible lady! Stay well soak up as much as posible---because re-entry into Anaheim Hills is going to be BORING! By the way --- as an ex photo and dark room pro - whom ever is taking the photo's
posted here has an extremely good eye.
Take care Miss u oh yes see u found some wood.