Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caminho Portugues, 2. Stage

Gary, now the pictures from Day Two - 2. Stage: Vila do Conde-Barcelos

Very severe "Gota Fria" heavy rains & winds over 100 km/h

Flooded streets, we must go by Taxi to Barcelos. Walking was impossible

Our flooded Place, we couldn't leave the House

Templo do Bom Jesus da Cruz

The Rooster of Barcelos - same legend as Santo Domingo

"Jesus"in  Bom Jesus was found long ago on flooded land

The Church "Matriz"

The archaeological Site arround the Church Matriz


Setsuko and Hans, listening the musicans

Dinner named "Zicolian" (kid)

Rua D. António Barroso at night

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