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Cammino di Francesco DVD

From: Hans-Otto Schreyer <>
Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 12:37 AM
Subject: Cammino di Francesco DVD

Hi Gary,

soon I will send you the the Movie, I am working now. It will bw burnd in NTSC-USA-Code.
You know, that the Titles/Undertitles I write in german. So I will give you some Information for the days I walked to Rome.
So print this letter, for a better reading.

At first, there are 3 Pilgrimways to Rome:
1-Via Francigena, from Canterbury, through France, Switzerland, to Italy. Through Piemonte, Toscana, Lazio.
1-From the Monastery La Verna to the Rieti-Valley
3-From Florence/San Ellero, via La Verna, Gubbio, Rieti to Rome.
I selected the last one, because I thought, it will be better to walk over the Mountains.

1 day: 30.september/1. Oktober
So I go by train to Perugia (look for all the - very old - towns into Internet/Google for Informations, then by Bus to Gubbio, got a nice Hotel, and started a tour around the town.

2. Oktober
The first leg were new marked, as the "San Francesco Peace path" from Gubbio to Assisi,
I started to walk out of Gubbio to the south, on the right side of the wide valley, up to the hills. The first leg was short, good for walking at the first day. But, the Hotel was closed. So I must go forward and I find a wonderful Hotel.
(Notes: the most of all, I must take for Overnighting a Hotel, and I was always the only one guest)

3. Through a lovely Landscape I walked to Valfabricca, and stayed in a Ostello (like a Youthhostel), the only one lowprice overnighting.

4. Oktober
A walk in a part of a bad path through a dark fosse. Then, lovely, to Assisi. There was a celebrationed the birthday of San Francesco over the weekend. A Lot of people of all the Regions of Italy were comming. I went down to the Basilika San Angeli, with the tomb of San Francesco, and at the Evening I went through Assisi.

5. Oktober
This Part, I walked over the Monte Subasio, 1000 Meters up to the Summit. At first, very steeply up to the little Hermitage, then up through dense trees, over meadows, and then down to Spello. I met a young italian men, called Dario. He walked another way, and we seid goodbye few Minutes later (but a week later, I met him again). A nice hotel, a nice old roman Town.

6. Oktober
From Spello though the wide plain at the right side, to Bevagna and to Montefalco. I met Italian people, talked with its. An easy walk, this day. In Montefalco I met the Barber called Fortunato, in front of the (very, very nice-look accurate the picture!) Restaurant I had the Diner. The Hotel was like an Antiquary shop, very nice! The ways at this leg and also further, were not marked, to find only the Informations from my guidebook, written like: ...walk straight on, under the Superstrada, 200m right, near the 3 Oaktrees left for 1500 Meters, on a winding street at the yellow house right, to a chapel, then trough an wineyard to a farmerhouse, 2000 Meters straight on, the second blade of Grass cetera. Sometimes I walkeded with the Guide book in my Hand!!!

7. Oktober
This day started through a nice landscape, easy. In the Afternoon I lost the way and I had to go few Kilometers more on a hard road,  saw a a Bar, later a Jail. As I reached Spoleto, I decided to take the Hotel up, near the castello and the old bridge, over it I must walk the next day. So I went the stairs up, and I met the Ladys from Colorado, you know. In the evenig I had a tour through Spello. Very nice!

8. Oktober
Shocking! The Bridge was closed, so I must go down over the Superstrada and up to the point I had to start up to the Monte Luco. Up on the hill, there is situated the first monastery Francesco had founded. Then I walk again a little bit up, and the a very lonesome path down to a destroyed little village called "Le Cese", up to a Pass and down to Ferentillo, a nice Umbrian Village, with an interesting Museum of Mummies, with in naturally mode conserved bodies. A hard day.

A very hard day, up over 1000 Meters, very lonesome through a lovely landscape and down, the most an a hard road, to a Hotel, situated in the Height of 1100 Meters, the only one guest, (how always). I got a very delicious Pasta, I fell in a Pastacoma!!!

10. Oktober
Overnight the weather has changed to a tempest, heavy rain with thunder and lightning. In the Morning, I couldn't start. The Chief didn't like that I would stay in the Hotel, because over the day it was closed. So he brought me to the next Town I had to go at this leg, "Poggio Bustone", with a Monastery from San Francesco (SF), the first in the Rieti-Valley. In the afternoon the rain stops and I had a quiet day.

11. Oktober
This part goes at the left side of the Rieti-Valley, particullary in fog to the little Village Cantalice, then over a Hill to the Monastery of SF "La Foresta" with the crevice, who SF live, and prayed (2. Monastery in the Rieti-Valley). In the Afternoon I reached Rieti, find a good Hotel, an had a tour through the city. In Rieti there is the geografic center from Italy, where i was standing upthere.

Second DVD:
12. Oktober.
From Rieti on hard roads, and up through a wood to the SF Monasters "Fonte Colombo" (3. Monastery), then down to the plain, on Country ways in a bow (see the Map I added, you be able to follow the Pilgrim way if you print it) to Contigliano: Before I reached Contigliano, I comes heavy rain, and i had to cut the day. I take a room in a Hotel. Then, it rains heavy, was very stormy (look for the Gardenfurnitures) and I was glad to decided, to stay there.

13. Oktober
A wondeful day, a wondeful (hard) tour up to the Village Greccio an to the Monastery, the fourth and last, in the Rieti-Valley. There I met an German Pilgrimgroup, an the next days I saw tis group often. After visting the Monastery, the path goes up in a height over 1000 Meters to a wonderful Meadow, an down, at first on a hard road, then on a terrible path to the Village Stroncone. There, I got no Room in 2 Hotel, but later, I got a Room in the Bed and Breakfast "Emily" with the very gentle owner Maria Cristina, a lovley woman.

14. Oktober
A hard day again. first to the Monastery "Lo Speco" with another crecive from SF. There, I met the German Group again. Then the path leads me up in a height more the 1000 Meters, and on a hard road to Calvi dell'Umbria. I got a Room in a closed Hotel. For Diner, I got a deep frozen meal (microwave).

15. Oktober.
A very cold morning. In Calvi I see a lot of "murales", (painted walls, like in Sardegna). I walked an small hard roads along a hill, very nice sight left and right. Down in a valley, and up through terrible pathes. I met a Belgian Busdriver, he was waiting for his group of 46 pilgrims, walking on part of the same way I walked. In the Afternoon I reached the Santuario
Santa Maria in Vescivio, a very old christian church, based on a roman commercial site, 3rd. century. I got a Room in an Albergo near the Church, an had a delicious Meal, Pasta and coney, Vino Bianco.

16. Oktober
Very cold again, when I started. This day I walked two short parts. At first on hard roads, terrible pathes, and throgh nice Farmers Land to the Village Poggio Mirteto. There was a market, and in the afternoon to the Village Farfa in Sabina, to the Monastery. There I met an german woman, she came from Cologne by bycicle. The Monastery is managed by the Sisters of Santa Brigida, very friendly.

17. Oktober
The last pilgrim Day! From the Monastery I went right up to a path, and along the hill to Fara in Sabina. (I met Angelo, look into his very, very old car, a inside painted roof). In a Bar I met a German Lady, married with an Italian, became aquainted in Chicago!!! The world is small! From Fara I take the Bus to Rome-Tiburtina, because it is not possible to walk to Rome by feet, it's very dangerous due to the Traffic around Rome. As I arrived rome, I went to the Basilica San Giovanni in Lateran (Lateran was an roman Quarter) there finished the Pilgrim Way. In this Basilica, SF got the acceptance for his canons from the Pope. The Sakristy was closed, I got no stamp for my Credenziale. Then I went to the Railstation, byed the Ticket and take a room near the station.

18. Oktober
This morning I take the City-tour-bus to St. Peter, a very impressed Church. (You ever stayed there?) I watched the holy Mess, but the Sagristy was closed, too. Try tomorrow.
The dome is 136m high. In and out of St. Peter, a lot of people. Then I walked through Rome to the most important points of interest. In the Afternoon I must back to the Lateran- basilika, to got the stamp.

19. Oktober
Again with the Cityhopper to St.Peter for getting the stamp. Monsignore Don Bruno gave me the stamp and a Testimonio, an affirmation to walk on the Cammino di San Francesco (like the Compostela in Spain). The I walked through Rome again, visited the Collosseum and the Foro Romano, It was very impressed. At the evening, I go by train at home over night, arrived Munich in the early morning.

It was an very impressed way, through a wonderful Landspcape and to meet old Culture, often pretty difficult to find the right way/path or to walk. And because nobody else was on the Way, a way into the lonelyness (over the whole days)
The Camino Frances was easier, but longer, needs persistancy, the Cammino di Francesco was shorter, but harder, needs experience in mountaineering and orientation. And I met friendly people. All in all, exiting days.

So I think, I can help you, to understand the sense, I wrote - and for a better understanding while watching the Movie. If you need further infomation, because you don't understand something, write back.

I hope you enjoy it. Best wishes for you, Susan, your Family,

have a contemplative advent season

and excuse the mistakes I wrote!
And maybe you find the Ladies Mary, Ellen, Feely and Terry, wich are working in the Emporium in Idaho Springs, with best wishes, too.
Hans-Otto Schreyer
Telefon: 08142-49835
Handy:   0175-1007948

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