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Fwd: Meeting of the Amigos del Camino at Zirl

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Date: Tue, May 19, 2009 at 11:04 PM
Subject: Meeting of the Amigos del Camino at Zirl
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Hello together,

last weekend we met us at zirl, Austria. Dagmar invited the Switzland-Girls Beatrice, her daugther Rebecca, her Cousine Rita, then Marcel from Wallis/Switzerland and me.
It was very exiting to see the Amigos del Camino again, 1 1/2 years later!
They came to Zirl fryday evening. Then we had a lot to talk, drunk al lot of red wine (Rioja!).
Saturday we were walking behind Zirl 2 hours up to a Maountain Hut. And in the evening we talk again. Sunday, we said goodbye, they went back to Sitzerland and I go back at my hometown.
It was very funny (thanks to Dagmar for all) - and I think, we will see us again.
I gave all the greetings from you and they give it back to you.

I add some Fotos and i hope you will remember at all the Amigos

I hope it happens, that we will meet us together!!!!
Tomorrow we are starting to Scotland for 4 weeks. We will come back at the end of June.

Have a good time - I wish you all the best. I would be glad, to hear from you!!!


1.- Marcel, Rita, and me
2. Dagmar from Zirl
3. Rebecca, Switzerland
4. Marcel, Beatrice, Switzerland
5. Asha, Berlin
6. The group at the "Brunnthal-Guesthouse" above Zirl
7. Dagmar, Marcel, Asha
8. The Switzerland Girls, watching my Camino-Film
9. The most important tools
10.In the eveving
12.Asha, Beatrice
13.Rebecca, Marcel
14.Rita and me
15.Time to say goodbye

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