Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caminho Finisterre 3. Stage

Olveiroa: Happy breakfast with Gallegos


Leaving the Casa Rural As Pias

Reaching the Village Hospita

Landscape around Hospital

Guide, left or right

On the Camino to the Village Dumbria

On the Camino to Dumbria

Dumbria: Pilgrim Cruzeiro

Dumbria: Washday

Through the Eukalyptus-Forest

Guide to Muxia


A countrywoman leading her Cows

Village A Grixa

Black Roads to Quintans

Moraime: Church of St. Xulian
now Stage 3: From Olveiroa to Muxia

Cruzeiro and the Capilla San Roque near Muxia

View to Muxia

Port of Muxia

Cruzeiro and Lighthouse near the Church

Sanctuary Virxen da Barca,
situated on the Cliffs of the Costa del Morte

Cliff, Costa del Morte

Cliffs, Costa del Morte

View to the Sanctuary

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