Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caminho Portugues, Rest Day in Santiago

Gary, Day of rest in Santiago: Pilgrims gathering-

Queue at the Pilgrims-office
Happy Pilgrims from Venezuela:
Marianna and Macarena

Happy Ingo, arriving Praza Obradoiro

Setsuko and Ingo, Praza Obradoiro

Cathedral, the Statue of St. James

A Pilgrim, near the Pilgrim-Office

Pilgrims hurry up to the Porta Santa

Pilgrims arriving the Praza Obradoiro

Rolf and Edgar, Pilgrims from Rottweil, Germany

The Jazzman from Santiago, Praza Quintana

Two Argentinos playing a famous guitar tune
 beside the Pilgrim Office

Paolo, Pilgrim from the Valle d'Aosta, Italy,
the Bar near Porta Faxeira

Pilgrims, Praza da Immacolata

The top of the Cathedral, St. James as a Pilgrim

dinner in the restaurante "As Brabantas" with
the Pilgrims known from PadrĂ³n

saying Goodbye. The next day,
I am starting the Camino Finisterre

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