Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caminho Finisterre 5. Stage

Gary, now the last stage: from Fisterra to the Cabo Finisterre - Fin do Camino

Fisterra: Fishermen

Searching for a shell

Fisterra: Port

Fisterra: Port

The Church Santa Maria,
on the road to the Cabo Finisterre

The Statue: La Peregrina

The Lighthouse at the Cabo Finisterre

The last Pilgrim Cruzeiro, at the Lighthouse

The last stone,  Kilometer zero

Max, the scotsman, is burning up his shirt

Cruzeiro, Pilgrims laying down stones

Cheerful Pilgrims

Clothes, no more needed

Waiting for the sunset

The Lighthouse

 Happy Pilgrims

Fin do Camino

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