Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caminho Finisterre 1. Stage

Hi Gary, now the Camino Finisterre, Stage 1: Santiago to Negreira

Early in the Morning: The fist waiting Pilgrim,
at the Pilgrim-Office, for getting the Compostela

Beginning of the Camino Finisterre
at the Praza Obradoiro, Rua Hórtas

Last view to Santiago de Compostela

Through the Eukalyptusforest,
the typical Galician Forest

 A Shell House (weatherproofed)

A typical Galician House

Hiking up to the Alto mar do Ovellas

In the Village Caraballa


Ponte Maceira, over the river Tambre

Mills at the river Tambre

Cruzeiro, Ponte Maceira


walking along the river Tambre

Negreira: Hostal La Mezquita, rooms and restaurante

Negreira: The old town gate

Capilla San Mauro, Requiem

Memorial for the Galician Emigrants

Galician Diner

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