Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return to Santiago

Gary, now the last day: From Fisterra back to Santiago, Pilgrim watching

Fisterra: Departure with the Bus to Santiago

The last view to the Cabo Finisterre

Pilgrims, arriving the Praza Obradoiro

Praza Praterías

High Mass for Pilgrims in the Cathedral

The last Paella

Pilgrims, Praza Obradoiro


Pilgrims, Rua do Franco

Pilgrim, needing Money, Rua do Vilar

Arriving Pilgrims at the Praza Obradoiro

Café Casino, Rua do Vilar

Pilgrims, Praza Praterías

Pilgrims, nice sleeping pad

Happy Pilgrim

Pilgrims equipment

Happy pilgrim

Unbelievable Meeting: Chris from Australia, 
met in 2007 on the Camino Frances was on
 the Camino Portugués with her Companion

Nice Pilgrim

Eva and Florian from Rosenheim, Germany,
are on a sailing trip around the world.
Coming from La Coruna, visitng Santiago. They
were very impressed over the town and the pilgrims

Beata from Poland

Pilgrims Praza da Immaculata

Leaving Santiago to the Airport

Flight at home, via Mallorca

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